A vision for a cleaner, more efficient world.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Cumulus Design lab is a small tech think tank focused on  developing micro mobility and niche application electric vehicle  solutions that suit the South African and African market and  environment. 

Electric vehicles in the low cost space are  quickly improving, battery tech like the ones we will be using in our  vehicle are unlocking the potential for much better longevity than  traditional approaches. The move to electric vehicles for short  distance travel and deliveries is happening all across the world, and  India and China is setting the tone for these companies going  forward. There are currently around 32 million electric scooters on  roads and in city’s in China and In New Delhi the registration of a  combustion engined vehicles will be banned from as early as 2023. 

We aim to create something that empowers small businesses both in  the township, suburbs and in the city with a versatile and platform  to get around and get their products and services to those that need  it. Coming out of a pandemic the global economic outlook has signs  of light but requires us to relook at business as usual. How do we go  about doing it in a way that makes sure we’re better off should  something like this happen again? We embrace the new technologies  that present themselves today and look at new more resilient  technology. Africa has managed these leapfrog moments in the past  and it shouldn’t stop now.



The Electric Trike – Versatile Micro Mobility

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Our current project involves developing an electric 3 wheeler vehicle.  Initial rollout would be aimed at industrial customers, agriculture as  well as applications that require simple vehicles with low noise and  cheap running costs.

Our work in progress concept vision. TTA 

Our trike will look to solve the problem of the gap in availability of vehicles that are both cheap to run, better for the environment  and reliable for a South African and wider African setting. With a strong focus on being majority locally built in Johannesburg,  batteries being assembled in Johannesburg as well as empowering a number of electrical workers, welders and fibre glass  specialists. We aim to employ techniques and manufacturing that aim to be simple, cost effective and scalable, from recycled  fabric composite body panels to easily replaceable 3D printed components we’re trying to combine a few different approaches to  ultimately build something completely new. Something that can potentially be dropped into countries in the form of small  versatile manufacturing units that can have to ability to bring employment, skills transfer, collaboration and engagement with  local communities in the regions we operate. Helping us get this done quickly we’ll be looking at the skills and new technology we  already have like large scale 3D printing, custom manufacture and rapid prototyping.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]